The Twix is a delicious sweet bar topped with butter and a thick layer of caramel though the whole bar is protected with dairy milk chocolate. The measurement of Twix candy bar is about four inches extensive and two are packed jointly in a person wrapped. The brand name is owned by Mars Inc. which is a single of the well known and largest around the globe confectionery makers.

Mars Constrained made it very first in British isles in 1967. This is also the place the present-day Mars chocolate bar was developed by Forrest Mars Sr. in the 1930s. In addition, the Slough factory is also residence manufacturing unit of other well-liked brands this sort of as Snickers, Skittles, Topic and Starburst. Succeeding the a long time immediately after the development of Twix bar, it was introduced in the course of the West Europe bearing the identify Raider.

The Twix sweet was last but not least out there in the US in 1979. It was wrapped in a gold colored include having orange textual content and was branded as Twix Cookie Bar. Twix generally did it advertising and marketing tastefully in the kind of a picture with one particular of the bars snapped in two and the caramel curling out somewhat from 1 piece demonstrating its softness.

A time period of continuing income through the commencing of 1980s instructed that Mars Inc. were content with the Twix brand name. The sweet brand was in simple fact not performing fairly effectively at the retail and the quest was started out for changing or improving upon which arrived with the peanut butter Twix in 1983. There was an addition of delicate peanut butter blend and the caramel was taken out. This had a good response in the current market.

Mars rebranded the Raider chocolate bar to Twix in the course of 1991, this was in line with their world-wide branding but it resulted in public disdain. An marketing marketing campaign was with the slogan translated as Raider is now Twix and there was no other change. Public perceived the transform as a mocking attempt to revive profits of an old merchandise by rebranding it. It was so a great deal that the Twix manufacturer turned synonymous with cynical rebranding in Germany in phrase of each politics and the corporate world.

The title improve from Raider to Twix turned bungles promoting. The criticism of Twix marketing and advertising campaign ongoing in the course of most of the 1900s entering into the new millennium. There were being perceptions that the brand was promoted for attracting young teenage boys with greedy sexual appetites for women of all ages. A lot of ladies actions explained the ad of model as identical to beer advertisements in which unfortunate younger guys would be ready to appeal to beautiful ladies by just consuming a Twix candy bar.

Twix was picked out for the duration of the early 1990s as a component of strengthening the brand name and Mars Inc’s total item improvement. The plan was to rework the model to contend in the ice product area with frozen Twix bars for attracting mall ice cream vendors. The particular person wrapped bars turned out are well-liked and boosted gross sales of Mars confectionery models outdoors their standard marketplaces.

The modern controversy linked to Twix model was in 2007 when Mars Inc. in Europe changed whey in their candy bars with animal rennet resulting in large community protests and destructive press publicity. In late 2007, Mars Inc. stopped utilizing animal rennet in their candy and reverted to their outdated recipe. Nonetheless in 2008, a whistle blower pointed out that animal rennet was still staying utilised irrespective of assurances to the contrary produced by the firm.