Only a few a long time back, we went back again to my hometown in China to see my moms and dads, my father ordered this at the time in a restaurant. I fully fell in appreciate with it.

It is historically well prepared only with Chinese black fungus and cucumber. But, a person day, I had some fried peanuts left, and I was just wanting for a way to complete them off. So, I put the peanuts into the dish, and it labored, and it combines so nicely with ‘old vinegar’. So I begun adding peanuts in. On the other hand, the peanuts are completely optional.

About Black Fungus

There is a lot to say about this ‘Black fungus’. It is a type of Chinese mushroom, the most famous a single is from the mountains referred to as ‘Da Xing An Ling’ crossing the full 3 Northeast provinces.

In British isles, you can discover them in most Chinese supermarkets, and someday also in the ‘foreign food’ sections of frequent supermarkets. Nevertheless, the 1 that you can obtain in the ‘foreign food’ area of common supermarkets normally will come from Japan, it is bought in a minimal glass jar containing only a handful of pieces, and it is rather expensive. I truthfully simply cannot explain to the variation with the types we have in Northeast, so it is in all probability far better to buy them in a Chinese supermarket (and if they are generated in Northeast, even better).

It is marketed dry, and requires to be soaked just before cooking it. The black fungus will double or triple its size following soaking. So, just about every time I go back again home, I always have tons of them again, they can past eternally.

Black fungus in Chinese are termed ‘Mu Er’, which practically usually means ‘the ear lobe of the wood’. It normally can be cooked in soup, stir fried, or in salad. It is particularly nutritious and balanced: it allows with iron ingestion and blood pressure. And in this dish, including up the peanut (with niacin, fiber, vitamin E…) and previous vinegar (encouraging digestion and blood circulation, anti-growing older..and many others), it can’t be healthier.




If you like, you can also put in ‘minced’ garlic and chopped spring onion, and a few drops of chili oil.