Michael Jeffries’ memoir, A Family’s Heartbreak – A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation, describes his changeover from beloved father, to exiled company. It is a agonizing, nevertheless engrossing go through. The e-book is portion ‘Dear Diary’, section window into the therapist/affected person romantic relationship, and section tutorial treatise on the numerous neuroses and persona ailments that led to the living hell that Jeffries knowledgeable, and in some methods is nevertheless dwelling.

Like a pointillist painting, in which the more back again you stand, the clearer the photo results in being, Parental Alienation is a sequence of seemingly innocent mis-communications, or concerns for the effectively-remaining of a boy or girl and it is only when the dots are related that you see the complete photo.

Jeffries went from the American Dream of wife, and two loving boys, to the nightmare of Parental Alienation, which is a predicament where by 1 father or mother, generally the mother, actively operates to demolish the relationship among the other guardian and a baby. The at just one time loving son, was turned from him by an ex-wife whose very own fears of abandonment and insecurities ruined the romantic relationship amongst father and son.

When Jeffries determined it was time to shift on from his relationship, he unknowingly tripped a set off wire for his ex-wife’s psychological imbalance which led her to enrolling their youngest son into her psychosis. It began with her acquiring the 11 year outdated boy rest in her bed, and ongoing to the level that the father/son bond was strained to the issue of breaking.

In distressing depth, Jeffries lays out the progression of his son’s conversion from loving juvenile to emotionally fatigued teen who simply just can not tolerate the ongoing agony of get in touch with with his father. In remarkably apparent language, Jeffries clarifies the transformation of his son, and the ways made use of by his ex-spouse to generate the transformation.

By detailing out the seemingly innocuous steps of a worried dad or mum, Jeffries is ready to connect the dots of how 1 mother turned her son from his father. He paints a photograph of the impotency of the court system to help him, primarily based on the inherent bias of the courts in mother’s favor, and the difficulty in attacking what seems to be almost nothing extra than a mother’s concern for the welfare of her children. No 1 wants to imagine a mother could be so devious, deceitful and harmful, but she can be.

This book is an exceptional exploration into the “Wonderland” twistedness that is Parental Alienation. The lies, the deceits, and the volcanic eruptions of anger for seemingly minor transgressions, these are the battles in a war with no winners.

For every single guy who is enduring this hell, for every single attorney who fights this variety of child abuse and for all the therapists who have to treat the collaterally harmed little ones, this ebook ought to be a to start with source in their armament.

In crystal clear, concise language, Dr. Joel Davies and Michael Jeffries make clear each the serious-world consequences and the underlying sub-conscious motivations for this sort of abuse.

These are hard circumstances to check out, because on the floor every thing appears essentially typical. It is only when you link the dots, that you can see the entire photograph. As stories like Jeffrie’s are produced general public, consciousness will grow, and ideally, fathers and their young children can be reunited, or better however, by no means separated.

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